Few problems with LEDE on wdr4300

Hello. Im having tro problems and a question related to LEDE on the tplink wdr4300 v1.1.

  1. The static lease doesnt work. On /etc/config/network I put this at the bottom:
    option ip ''
    option mac 'AA:BB:CC:AA:BB:CC'
    option name 'name'

And when I reboot I keep getting random addresses instead.

  1. The wireless menu is gone from the GUI. I dont know why.


  1. Can I set up a port to use a higher speed than 100mbps full duplex or is that the limit?
  2. Can I assign a VLAN to, lets say, port 1? I want to have to physically move to the router and plug the cable in order to access the GUI. Is it possible?


Please post output of uci show network in order to be able to help you.

Probably you broken something while editing files, are you an experienced user of linux and commandline ?

WDR4300 is 1000mbps / Gigabit capable, probably your other end is 100mbps or there is some other problem, you could diagnose ports using swconfig dev eth0 show (post output here too) I dont remember if swith is on eth0 or has an additional eth1 on WDR4300.

Yes you can, you should use network.switch, add another entry and put desired port there with proper cpu tagged, let me know if you need help with this, If you post your uci show network I could help

why? you just want to be able to connect to gui when connecting using on phisical port? like some Switches have just one "console" enabled port? With a vlan on a new network.interface with proper iptables rule, yes, It is possible,.

About your name, are you woman?