Feature request: Show attached network per SSID in Wireless Oveview page

Example of what that might look like

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  • I'm unable to understand what your "Suggested presentation" means
  • e.g. you seem to show you want to show the radio power, yet that's already displayed
  • Are these copy/past graphics, or did you manage to display the assigned network by editing the necessary code already?
    • If the latter can you provide it?

The tx power is redundant with the left column

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This is just a mock up, I don't have the code, although the code exists in the device configuration UI script

The wireless overview is missing the TX power for the radio.
Only RX signal and RX noise appear to be listed.

That said, it is showing the attached network per SSID that I find most important in this request.
Just being able to see, at a glance, which SSID routes what network, and, I don't know if it's applicable, but if there is a VLAN associated, that would be great to see as well.