Feature request: lan-bridge

I am unsure if such a feature is already available, but I am looking for a function analogous to the AVM FRITZBOX Lan-bridge.
So specifically I want to create a mesh WLAN with different openWRT routers in which the access point routers are connected directly via Ethernet/LAN to the daily (openwrt) Internet router. With the AVM FRITZBOXes this function is called LAN-BRIDGE:

It doable already, but perhaps not in a next-next-next manner.


Would be exactly what you're looking for (aside from the central management aspect).


Okay, but this describes the repeater function. Do I see it right that the LAN bridge in connection with real mesh is not implementable under openwrt?

How did you come to that conclusion ? the word repeater isn't even on that page.

it is, but not OOTB, one of the solutions is called batman.

If you want the cheap-o version go for 802.11r, I've been using it myself for several years, with great success