Feature request: Interface description


With OpenWRT starting to support switches, it would be nice to be able to add a description to a physical Interface. A simple "Description" label so we can tell what is connected to that port.

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you mean permit the user to put a custom description and display that in the tooltip?

I mean something similar to a Cisco interface description "Port Description". That would look like:
config device 'switch'
option name 'switch'
option type 'bridge'
option macaddr '01:02:03:04:05:06'
list ports 'lan1' description 'Some Description'
In the config file.

A Description field could be added to luci device config page as well and an on-mouse over a given port would show the description. Also, a Description column could be added in the Device Tab list.

It is easy to figure out ports on a router or a small switch but when the time will come with up to 48 ports switch support, being able to name them will kind of be mandatory, IMHO. I took a few screenshots that I'll post with my ideas so it will be clearer.

Here are my ideas

Sorry about the multiple posts, new users seemingly cannot post multiple images at once :confused:

Having a way to store freeform text that will never be parsed like option comment or option description would be good. LuCI could then use those for tooltips or whatever.

It is possible to put #comment lines in a config file but they will be stripped out if UCI or LuCI is ever used.

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i will try to implement this... but first i have to do other task. I'm adding this to my queue...


suggest remark as an alternative to description... it's shorter and a little more uniq overall...


i mean at the end is just an additional uci option... think we will decide it until i have a good implementation

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I think hint would also work and even shorter

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Description is what is used in most Vendors so this is the term I naturally went with, any of the other suggestions would work as equally well.

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