Feature request: in LuCI package manager, distinguish between base distro packages and user installed packages

I don't see why the system can't write a text file containing the list of package installed on first boot ?

Something like

opkg list-installed | cut -f 1 -d " " > /etc/factory-installed-packages

then luci-app-opkg can refer to this file to distinguish between factory installed and post-install installed packages

I just found this command line from this other thread

This command

ls /overlay/upper/usr/lib/opkg/info/*.list | sed -e 's/.*\///' | sed -e 's/\.list//'

appears to list, at least some of the post-factory installed packages

but it doesn't work on my other openwrt device

I think it really is a basic quality of life feature for a package manage to be able to tell you date of installation of each package and the ability to differentiate for distro packages and user packages

It is a very basic debugging step to "try uninstalling the last couple things you've installed" when a problem arises and I think the package manager should help with that.