[Feature Request] FRR (FreeRangeRouting) package in main repo

Hello all,

Many of us now have OpenWRT on devices with more RAM and CPU than we used to play quake with. In fact probably more RAM and CPU than some old Cisco devices used by ISPs. I am a part-time network engineer and interested in running the FRR routing stack (http://docs.frrouting.org/projects/dev-guide/en/latest/building-frr-for-openwrt.html) but my more powerful device is also my main device... Is it possible to include this package in the main repo?

This would act as a more powerful routing engine for those that wish to use BGP or OSPF, much like other OpenWRT packages where a "slim" version is available but the "full-fat" option is available as an option for those with more powerful devices.

The FRR suite is mature, open (GPL) and includes instructions for OpenWRT package compilation but I tend to upgrade often and not having the package in main repos is an issue. Is it possible to include this package?

many thanks

maybe you should ask it in the mailing list, but seeing the comments in de PR I don't know what to think about it. anyways I'll update it regularly from time to time.