Feature Request - Advanced Reboot - emmc / sdcard


Is it possible to have a "default" feature added to Advanced Reboot to take profit of hardware with two mmc; like mvebu espressobin board and the emmc (internal) and sdcard (external) ?

Thanks in advance for you help and effort

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Warning: Device (globalscale,espressobin-ultra) is unknown or isn't a dual-partition device!

How can I define a 4GB or 8GB eMMC device to be compliant with the DUAL-PARTITION devices used and requested by Advanced Reboot ?

also interested... have been hoping that the app would modularise it's logic via /lib/~platform/
boot-toggle genericisation

this format is needed to prevent duplication of board/app code and facilitate predictable, managable behavior...

if efforts get underway in this regard... i'd be happy to assist... (toggle code for bcm27xx)

if your device uses u-boot, and most do, you could control what's getting booted by altering u-boots' bootcmd variable, which can be done using uboot-envtools in cli.

Not very user-friendly, but it works ,)