FB6591 - How to get started

Any recommendations on how install OpenWrt on a Fritz 6591 Cable and use it as fully functional (including wifi, sip) router and not bridge. Is it feasible? Thanks!

It doesn't seem to be supported.

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Beside the cable modem/router will never get any OpenWrt support. You can only achive sth. like running SIP on an OpenWrt Box if you didn't have a rent box from your cable provider.

If you have bought the cable box by your own then you will be able to configure your SIP on a OpenWrt router connected to your cable modem. Because the provider is engaged to give you the login credentials.

But if you bought your own box it would not make much sense to run SIP on seperate router (IMO).

Well spoken! Yes, it is my own box w/ access details from the ISP.

The DOCSIS cable modem will never be supported, FXS (phone ports) and DECT are very unlikely to be supportable (at least they'd need a lot of work). Wireless is unknown (can't find its specifications) - and basic SOC support will be challenging (yes, technically its an x86 Atom, but with a very special boot setup).

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