Faulty Asus Hardware or I am doing something wrong?

I have a PC connected via Ethernet to my MAIN router Archer C2600 on openwrt (it has End of Life) (with 3 walls and distance of 20 meters+ between MAIN router and PC)

PC motherboard supports onboard wifi hotspot features, so I use PC as a router/hotspot to connect my Tv/smartphones/laptops to connect to WIFI without long distance and breaking internet speeds to MAIN router)

My motherboard:

1 x Realtek 2.5Gb Ethernet

Wireless & Bluetooth
Intel® Wi-Fi 6 *
2x2 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax)
Supports 2.4/5GHz frequency band
Bluetooth v5.2

*Bluetooth v5.2 function will be ready in Windows 11 or later

When trying to copy lot of data from PC to laptop and vice-versa, using Windows Network sharing, i am getting a maximum of 14 mbps TRANSFER rate, which is not feasible to transfer 100 GBs of data every week. (Using Windows 10 on PC AND USING Connectify as hotspot software)

Can someone guide what could be wrong here or help fix ?
If I need a new router, please suggest something around 6000 Rupees from www.amazon.in


if this is via the wireless, blame the wifi card from intel.

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Hi @frollic
Thanks for reply,

Seems that is from intel. Here's is another screenshot between my mobile and PC (working as a router/Hotspot on windows 10 OS via Connectify software.

Is there no fix for same?
Can you guide me to purchase a good router which can fix these issues?

we usually don't deal with Windowa here, but on Linux ( = Openwrt) intel wifi cards are crippled, and only support 802.11n speeds, in AP mode.

on Win, no idea, on Linux, no.

for doing what, exactly ?

the Mercusys MR70X could be a candidate.

Check post below.

Finally decided among this 2 routers (will order those in sometime, will receive tomorrow morning) Both have exact same price:

TP-Link Archer AX73 AX5400




TP link has 1 additional lan port and usb drive, rest of specs are almost similar..
Mercury look wise is awesome, some pics and link attached
Just not completely sure, which is better in terms of software/features etc.
Will replace my Main Room Router with the new one, and old one will be placed in MYroom

You wrote max 6000R, so I didn't suggest the MR90X.

The AX5400 won't ever be supported, if it's v1, but could be, if it's v2.
The MR90X is already supported.

Thanks for quick reply @frollic yes upgraded by budget to 9000 Rupees now.
I assume you are suggesting MR90X though it has 1 less LAN port and no USB.
Does additional Lan Port and USB does not matters much ?
I have 4 connection to provide
3 room = 3 PCs
1 Main room = Smart TV (at present router and tv are at distance of 3 meters so using wifi for same).
Not sure, If I will be able to stream 4K videos properly from any PC to Smart TV on samba protocol..

Technically, I am not sure what features wifi routers provide as I am using none with existing router, except it provides interne via ehternet and wifi..

Depends on your use case, I guess ...

You could get rid of the PC requirement if you had some kind of storage attached to the router, via USB, but then the MR90X's a no go.

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Thanks for your quick reply and help. Truly appreciated.
I am planning to go with TP-Link AEx73 as Mercurys does not have much reviews.
Mercury is very new to market and not heard enough about warranty etc.

Tp-Link is running stable for 1000s of years since 12+ months.

Not really relevant, the reviews would reflect the stock fw, something you wouldn't be using anyway.

Does it matter (in EC it wouldn't, warranty is honored by the seller), it's not sold by Mercusys anyway ?


I am obliged with your continuous help in selection.

TP Link is better in everything, but you mentioned it will never have openwrt firmware.
Never ..

If considering only openwrt part Mr90x is the only available option I have..
Though the stock firmware/UI is not friendly like TPLink.

Do we have a screenshot or article which can show me UI of Mercury Mr90x using openwrt.
Warranty terms for Mercurys https://www.mercusys.co.in/support/warranty-terms

My existing router TPlink archerc2600 is upgraded to latest openwrt yesterday

Does it matter ? you're flashing it with openwrt anyway ...

Again, if it breaks, who do you RMA to, the seller, via Amazon or Mercusys ?

It's the same as your C2600s.

If you're OK with the same kind of wireless performance as the C2600, and would
consider getting a network switch for your wired devices, get a TP-Link RE650.

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RMA first 7 days to seller after that company..
I tried to get in touch with company technical support via chat and calling there technical support department for 2 days, no answers. thats worrying
Email today morning (around 10 hours ago, still no replies)