Fat images for D-Link DIR-825 B1?


I have a couple of DIR-825 B1 that I've turned into motion sensing security cameras (far from the greatest, but it was fun to build, and one of them has been running since the Attitude Adjustment days and has survived years of -25C winters and +35C summers... I'm pretty fond of them... but I digress).

Router needs motion, mjpeg-streamer, video-uwc and nfs (it ships snapshots out... another router ffmpegs a video out of various feeds... I know... pretty clunky, but again I'm fond of it) so working with the "stock" mtd map is not possible. It all fits nicely under 18.06 with a fat image. No fat images on 19.07 (yet?).

What would be the preferred way to implement fat images in ath79? I ended up setting up a completely new device "dlink,dir-825-b1-fat" which is a straight copy of "dlink,dir-825-b1" but with a slightly different flash map. That's surely not the right way to go for it, and it probably means the nifty reminder in sysupgrade when using fat images will not kick in (if that's still in the code).

If anyone can share a few pointers on how this could be supported under ath79 I can take it from there.


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