Fast router with switch and POE+ compatible with OpenWrt


I am looking for some kind of appliance or ready made router which can do at least this...

  1. Wireguard at 1gbps or more
  2. Having built in POE+ switchports
  3. Wifi is not a must...since will not be used
  4. It needs to run OpenWRT ofcourse
  5. low power risc/arm preferred
  6. At least 2 x 10G SFP+/RJ45 or multigig ports

very unlikely to find something to suit all those needs
you should better search for an intel board with 2x 2.5g or 2x10G if budget is not a problem + a poe+ switch

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In enterprise class equipment the router and switch functions are always sold as separate boxes. These installations use many switches for one router. There are very few situations where a combined unit would be suitable.

You are booth right. This is something you will have to build yourself from multiple different standalone boxes into one 19" chassis. And the different parts will have different management.

Only thin I saw which came in very close is fortinet fortigate which has some boxes with about this config...

Maybe the new UNMS pro from Ubiquiti could pass as this, but it will probably not run openwrt but rather edgeos.