Fast roaming questions

hi !

I have 3 APs (same HW) connected to Ethernet. Each has 2 Frequencies and 4 SSIDs

  1. can i enable FT on all SSIDs ?
  2. do i have to change the mobility domain (one for each SSID ) ? (like in some tutorials)
  3. i read and viewed some tutorials which were some month old.. actual i have wpad-basic-wolfssl installed.. but tutorials are saying that i have t install wpad-openssl.

tutorials like this this one

Ciao Gerd

  1. Yes
  2. This is calculated automatically now
  3. Basic includes roaming now. Please see the package description

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

ok done.
but an additional question...
802.11k and v come withe the full package ?

Ciao Gerd

Yes they do

thnx :slight_smile:
ciao gerd

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