Fast roaming not working

Hello, I am new to using OpenWRT, I want to implement roaming, I have followed the guides in detail, but it does not work, I have this scenario, I have two dumb APs with OpenWRT enabled, fast roaming and an RB750GR3 router (this one does not have OpenWRT), the question is everyone Should the devices that make up the network run open WRT for roaming to work, or only the access points?

greetings from Ecuador

You need same name+password and same subnet and dhcp server for roaming to work. Thekvr protocols are secondary that slightly improve roaming speed or frequency, but not critical to roaming as such.
Please add ubus call system board from AP-s and /etc/config/wireless from both (minus passwords and MAC addresses)

802.11r may not work properly across different firmware implementations (i.e. OpenWrt + non-OpenWrt) because the non-OpenWrt may not be 100% standards based and/or may have other optimizations that they use as their magic sauce.

In general, though, 802.11r can actually cause other issues because:

  1. some client devices just don't work well when this is enabled
  2. often people have not done the requisite tuning to ensure that 802.11r is working on top of a good foundation.