[FAQ] OpenWrt upgrade: Keep settings or not?

A table doesn't work out, but that doesn't mean it is stupid to think about how to communicate the topic in a more accessible way. So, no, the idea was not stupid at all.


LOL.... just came by this instruction from my head unit manual.... just proves that nothing is stupid when it comes to documentation... people get paid big dollars to write these things!

To maintain high sound quality
Do not splash liquid onto the unit.

The major issue is that there's little to no documentation at all when core team does changes which causes such issues is in the first place. It might not be even noted in the commit itself. FreeBSD does by using /usr/src/UPDATING (https://svnweb.freebsd.org/base/head/UPDATING?revision=350361&view=markup) which in OpenWrt's case could be included on the download page?

I'm through with my proposal. Anybody feel free to integrate the info when to keep settings and when not into the wiki.

# Keep settings Don't keep settings
1 Preserve current configuration. Reset settings to optimized defaults.
2 Useful for minor upgrades, e.g. 18.06.2 → 18.06.4. Useful for major upgrades, e.g. 18.06 → 19.07.
3 Faster, but potentially faulty way. Slower, but more reliable way.
4 Does not require a manual backup, but it is still encouraged. Requires a manual backup.
5 Be ready to boot into a failsafe mode and perform a factory reset. Be ready to manually reconfigure your device.

I’m not sure that’s accurate. That would make upgrades quite unattractive, especially with the supposed six-month, major release cadence.

I think a “backup to desktop” instruction then a list of things to look out for and how to resolve them would be valuable.

Of course, all is moot since the project still can’t get a release out anywhere near on schedule, or even have a schedule.

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