Failsafe on trunk

Hi,today I was thinking, that I make a try with current snapshot images for my Archer C7 v2. Before I used 18.06.4 without problems (it is only a test system).

I just want to report two thinks:

  • first that after installing the package, the device stops responding. Also a reboot won't help.

Installing kmod-rtl8xxxu (4.14.125+4.19.32-1-2) to root...
Configuring kmod-rtl8xxxu.

At least I tested without the USB WiFi Stick (TP-Link TL-WN821N), but the device don't come up with the installed module (on the old IP). Then I saw, that the device comes up with - on failsafe mode - without trigger it myself - I only powered off and on again.

Ok, thats not bad at all - but what I found after mount_root:
The file /etc/config/network + firewall + wireless (maybe more) got a reset - they all have default values?!

I think that's not expected? The funny thing is, that's this is the second time I saw this problem on this snapshot - before I played around with the reset button to get on failsafe - so I was thinking I pushed reset for to long?!

But on both cases, I could see my backup files in /etc/config/ - which was not delete - so it was not a clean "firstboot" who wiped out everything.

So the second think I report is, that something for the failsafe mode is not working how it is expected...?!

As I recall, on an Archer C7v2 (and probably many other devices), press the "reset" button (or whatever the "right" one is) once, briefly while the "early boot" LED starts flashing a couple times a second. There's about a two-second window you need to hit. After about 5 seconds, if you were successful, the LED will start blinking much faster as the device enters failsafe mode.

Default config for the device is mainly generated "on the fly" during early boot if the files are missing. This can happen after a "clean" flash, a reset of the overlay, explicitly deleting the config files, an overlay in RAM (usually because the flash is too full), or probably a few other reasons.

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hi jeff,

I know how to reach failsafe boot - also how to reset the device.

But I dont undertand, why the firmware drops me two different times to failsafe mode and deleted the configuration.

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This happened to me too on 2 archerC7v5 last week or so, while playing around with snapshots. I was chalking it up to late night user-error on my part...
I just added a configuration dump over SSH to my deploy script to grab the latest conf before reflash.