Failsafe Mode Linksys WRT 1900ACS

Hi there I have a problem with my Linksys router (WRT 1900 ACS model). Yestarday I had some port forwarding and open some ports for PS4 online gaming, but after apply the settings to the router I was not able to enter on the router setting with LUCI interface (writing the IP in the URL). I saw online a possibility to factory reset entering in the failsafe mode, but how can I do? I try to press an hardware button after the reboot but nothing happened, the router doesn't go in failsafe mode.
Some suggestion? I tested Internet connection using the WiFi of the modem and it works so the problem is in some settings of the router I think.
How can I go in failsafe mode?

See this LEDE article...

Wrong timing, see the wiki page above.

For those coming here from Google or somesuch, here's an updated link for the failsafe mode posted above :

Also, specific to the debricking (and more) of the WRT1900AC/S, see:

Good luck!

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