Failover router

i want to setup two routers and have one be a failover transparently possibly using keepalive? i dont know where to start can someone point me to the correct documentation or share two configurations and the software they used? ill be running the routers with openwrt version 19

thanks for any direction :slight_smile:

please describe the wan proto(s)/transcievers/media/wiring in detail...

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simple home network with a cable modem and one ethernet port. i would like to connect an unmanaged switch to the cable modem and then use the unmanaged switch ethernet ports for the two routers. My service providor would probably only allow me one Internet ip. I want router 1 to pickup that Internet ip via dhcp client first and shut router 2 down if its already up, router 2 would sit as a failover gateway/router and wait for router 1 to fail under a number of circumstances. I was hoping for router 1 to be my router/gateway and router 2 to be my failover router/gateway.

search for failover on the wiki, read... watch some related youtube videos... then give it a go...

the good news is providing you refine your definition of 'circumstances' the wan / internal gw ip side of things ( basic fundamental failover ) is practicable given the limited information provided.

( the key non-obvious piece of information is depending on your cable modem... ( no info provided ) pay attention to not triggering possible inbuilt dual host logic caused by spurious unmanaged 'failover device noise' )

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thank you i will search, its what i would do most of the time.

keepalived is the right way to go. You can setup VRRP between both the devices. The documentation is here

Ideally, you should have WAN proto as static and create interface group covering WAN and LAN.

If you also use conntrackd to keep conntrack entries in sync, your LAN users might not experience any disconnection.

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Awesome, Thank you! I remember doing this same sort of thing with OpenDir and DSEE a long time ago. Thank you again!