Failing to reach the ip of the router after upgrade

Hi all,
i have a netgear router n150 WNR100 V3 and i wanted to install openwrt on it.
I downloaded the openwrt file and update router using the GUI, after it restarted the page couldn't be loaded. so i tried to hard restart the router and then i could not reach the ip of the router (the default
I tried to assign static ip to my computer with defaut geteway as but didn't help.
any ideas?

or WNR1000??

16 MB RAM -- unsupportable with a current, secure version of Linux. Hasn't been for many years.

Time to recycle it properly.

Suitable replacements with at least 16 MB of flash and at least 128 MB of RAM, that also support current 802.11 standards, are available starting at around US$20.