Failed to run Wrt on VM on Win11

I've imported absolutely working virtual disk image and virtual machine image with OpenWrt(x86) from Ubuntu.
But when I try to run VM image I get "kernel panic" & when I run VM made on this disk image it becomes to infinity reboot. All it happens on Win11.
When I do the same things on Win10 it work properly.

Why is this happening?

First of all this isn't really related to OpenWrt. It's a question about a virtual machine working in Windows 10 and not Windows 11.

Second of all, you didn't include any information that could have helped people even know what you're doing. What image? What VM software? If you are going to ask a mostly off-topic question, at least give all the details.

In this case, though, I suggest you raise this issue with whoever supports the VM you are using.