Fail2Ban package for OpenWrt available

PR still pending review and waiting to be included...

Can someone check and help ?



I think you should squash some of your commits.


thanks... done !

now merged in master !

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available in snapshot download...
New PR made this morning for 21.02 :

if I install and enable this package...

  • will it work out of the box... for say lan side luci/ssh denials?
  • if not are there plans/guides to provide this (and other openwrt specific log parsing)?

This is a standard package (initial package PR), so NO, it is installed without any specific customization ! (for now)
You can find a lot of HowTo around, some great from Fail2Ban ;
I may try to get some free time to write some specific tutorial for OpenWrt.

In testing I already made a POC with RSYSLOG (centralized syslog on my main routeur) of remotes servers (mainly LXC debians) and auto banning on the gateway itself... I get some draft / notes about it...

Feel free to try... but also use it at your own risk ! :wink:

Edit: there is too much possible and specific usage... the package only give, as usual, the software itself on OpenWrt.


understood... and thanks for the package... no doubt some openwrt specific tutorials may pop up over time...