Fail to build images with FPU (mips) on 18.06.0

I was trying to build TL-WR703N v1 (ar71xx/tiny) images with FPU support. I tried to check 'MIPS FPU Emulator' in kernel_menuconfig, but when I finished compiling, I found that the images had the same kernel config checksum as the releases.
I also tried
ls /sys/kernel/debug/mips
and I cannot found fpuemustats
Then I tested with v2ray, it complains about Illegal instruction, which also means there is no FPU support.
How can I fix this?

Try to enable too in make menuconfig in

Global build settings  ---> 
    Kernel build options  --->
        [ * ] Compile the kernel with MIPS FPU Emulator

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