Extroot: Fritzbox 7360 sl: Weboverview coused crashing

When i use extroot following this guide https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/additional-software/extroot_configuration#custom_image extroot works without PREINIT, but the overview at couse the router to crash, i was not abel to get any usefull logs, its just hangs and then restarts, in htop i saw procd was high in usage unitl it rebooted.

When i remove the Usb i can use normally but the storage on this router is very limited so i need that extra space to get python3 installed..

Thx for any help

Does it crash even if you don't use whatever you need Python3 for ?

Its not the python, its extroot, python is not even installed.
If i just open the normal overview its crashing but all other things going normal.
If i could get any usefull logs tell me how i can obtain them for that specific case

since it hangs, your best option would probably be logread -f via ssh, if it doesn't catch anything, the next step is serial console.

Will this log show everything? I dont have a serial connector

the parts you're interested in, it should.

then you might be looking for something that can't be found.

I only have that thing described here, it has TX and RX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn9P9GnwJkI
But i dont know if i can use it or not

that's a flash reader/writer.

what openwrt version are you using, anyway ?

the last one of course

I'm not going to watch the whole thing, just because you don't know how to post a link including start time, in a YT video.

Minute 6 you see the picture, that was the only thing why i posted it

TTl is for serial console?

still only see a flash writer ...

google PL2303 CH340 CP2102

Then its abel too, i try now to connect the pins
My linux also reconize ttyusb and i swapped the pins 123 to 23 with the jumper for ttl

So i got the logs now from UART, but i will print nothing after i open the overview its silently crashing

Maybe there is something interesting there to get a clue whats the problem

Is there a way to increase loglevel?

After some tries and some additional packages to mount devices it works now.
I added the export preinit stuff in weboverview startup stuff, couse in the command i used in this guide for extroot, the command was not there after reboot. I just added some extra packages for mounting and now it works.

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