Extroot; automated fstab generation

I have quick question regarding extroot creation. The documentation here provides an option for automated fstab generation. The instructions read:

root@lede:/# block detect > /etc/config/fstab; \
   sed -i s/option$'\t'enabled$'\t'\'0\'/option$'\t'enabled$'\t'\'1\'/ /etc/config/fstab; \
   sed -i s#/mnt/sda1#/overlay# /etc/config/fstab; \
   cat /etc/config/fstab;

I can't tell, if this should be entered as a single line?


The backslashs at the lineendings make the shell wait for a following line. This way the multi line construct is equivalent to dropping the backslashs and joining the parts.

For me cut&paste of the multi line version worked (while extrooting multiple WR703Ns).

Thanks mate! It worked.