Extreme Networks WS-AP3825i

Hi OpenWrt Forum Members,

I using OpenWRT on multiple devices but recently I got in my hands Extreme Networks WS-AP3825i
Looks very good! 2x 1GbE PoE and 802.11AC with good price even for 10$ per PC!

I have at the moment 3 PCS. One is working fine but with two I have problems.
On LAN2 they are starting on and respond do ping - but no WWW
on LAN1 they are starting with DHCP client and respond to ping - but no WWW
Console working fine. I see those adress with ifconfig command.
I did factory default.

What I'm doing wrong? What I need to do to get WWW config page?

PS. Do anyone have link to orignal stock firmware and description how to revert to stock FW?

kind regards,

Piotr Łancewicz

The DHCP client is wan port, the is the lan side.
Nothing will work on the wan port, it's obviously firewalled.
The missing webui is because of snapshot image you installed, ssh should work.

To get webUI, in cli run

opkg update
opkg install luci

You might want to consider installing latest stable, from
https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/22.03.5/targets/mpc85xx/p1020/, it'll come with webUI.

At least to me, it also sounds like you'd be missing the proper configuration for an AP as well: