Extracting NordVPN WireGuard Credentials in WSL

This guide from @Armin has always been my go to guide for extracting WireGuard credentials:

It used to be easy. Fire up Ubuntu through WSL 2 in Windows and hey presto. But now the NordVPN Linux client seemingly won't run on WSL 2 - iptables related issue.

How are people extracting the WireGuard credentials now?

Virtualbox vm. Maybe some other wsl distro or install iptables dependencies?

For the benefit of others:

I worked out that if I downgrade to an earlier nordvpn version the offending iptables command that is unsupported by the Microsoft WSL kernel is not issued and I can extract the credentials as in the guide.

At least nordvpn 3.12.0-1 works with present WSL 2.

Install as follows:

sudo apt install nordvpn=3.12.0-1

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