Extracting dtb from ELF bin images?

I'm slowly learning the more intricate aspects of OpenWrt and the processes..

The device is an Itus Networks Shield. It was a kickstarter back in 2014, delivered in 2015, company went under shortly after.

It runs an Cavium Octeon3 processor. I've pulled the u-boot and stage 2 bins from the device and was introduced to binwalk.

Eventually, I'd like to update uboot and get an ACTUAL device tree (since I CANNOT find a CN70xx dts/dtb at all).

grommish@norwits:~/openwrt/storage$ binwalk --signature octboot2.bin

327840        0x500A0         device tree image (dtb)

grommish@norwits:~/openwrt/storage$ binwalk --signature u-boot-octeon_rhino_itus7x.bin 

775360        0xBD4C0         device tree image (dtb)
873568        0xD5460         Motorola S-Record; binary data in text format, record type: header

I've forward-ported the MIPS patches pertaining to the arch/CPU. So, how, the question is.. Can i extract the dtb files for inclusion into OpenWrt? Can I use the info from the existing OEM bin files to create new ones?

Maybe something like this would help (I've used it with success before to modify firmwares):

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The python script works, thank you for pointing it out to me! Doesn't answer any of my questions about how this is put together, but it tells me how it isn't done :smiley:

Thanks again all!

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