Extracting board.bin files from proprietary Atheros driver?

Is it possible to extract or generate board.bin files from the ath_hal.ko module, that's part of the proprietary QCA driver?

I have a device here with a QCA9882, it works pretty well with the board-2.bin file included with ath10k, RF performance is great, but I wonder if the board is different enough, such that using a custom board.bin file would improve RF performance in any way?

Unfortunately, it seems the SDK version that was used for this device predates the introduction of board.bin/board-2.bin (it has a 2.6.x kernel), and as such, there are no such files in its filesystem, however, ath_hal.ko has many patterns that look similar to those found in a board.bin file, which is what got me curious about the possibility of building board.bin files out of that kernel module.

I'm not familiar at all with the inner workings of QCA drivers, so pardon me if this is already answered somewhere else - I tried searching for a solution, but couldn't find any clues towards one.


Turns out this was just a coincidence. For QCA9882 embedded platforms, the data in the "board.bin" file is actually loaded from ART on driver initialization, so everything should be performing as expected, as far as I can tell.

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