Extra user / OpenWrt

Hi Guys,

i am using OpenWrt for my Parents / My Home as router version 21.02.3 R16554.
i was hoping someone can point me to the right direction if we can create a extra user with less privileges.
like just to connect the box.
i want to create one user for my parents that will only allow them to connect the 4G connection so they won't miss things up.

i appreciate every support

See https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/security/secure.access#create_a_non-privileged_user_in_openwrt

there's a luci-app-acl package too, might want to check it out.

thank you i see the luci-app opkg and firewall are already installed.
i managed to install it using the CLI.
thank you so much.
what right can i provide the user so he should be able to connect and nothing else?

thank you