External USB Drive access after router died

so my router died recently, which I had a external HDD hooked up to it.

Is there any way to connect and use this drive on a Windows system? Right now Windows isn't seeing my drive at all connected to it, not even Diskpart.

I was using Kong's firmware release. I'm guessing I need a Linux partition tool to gain access? Anyone have any suggestions?

Depends on the file system, in general - no. …but you could boot your computer from any given (semi-recent) linux live distribution.

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There's https://github.com/bobranten/Ext4Fsd if you used ext? on the drive.

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If Windows does not detect the drive at all, it means it's broken, or needs an external power supply, or there is something wrong with the USB port, etc.

If Windows detects the drive and the partitions, but not the contents, and the drive was formatted using an EXT4 filesystem, then the advice posted above applies.

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