External storage device cannot be recognized


Is it the application in the below not to be supported in Openwrt?

I used my router with USB3.1 USB storage device for file-sharing application.It worked well so far.

Because of storage shortage,i tried to replace the USB storage devive with M2 SSD with M.2 to USB Adapter.
The SSD&adapter was not recognised in openwrt by fdisk -l .

For testing , i tried to connect the SSD& adapter to a PC with Ubuntu.It worked.

The below is my device information.Hope it can help.

Router :Linksys E8450
Openwrt :OpenWrt 22.03.2
M2 SSD: Samsung 970 evo plus
M.2 to USB Adapter:ANYOYO M.2 to USB Adapter SP02E(It seems a scsi device)

Did you install the usb and file system related packages?


Thank you for reply.
The USB3.1 USB storage device one worked well. I think the usb and file system related packges was well-installed.