External AP with slow speeds

So i'm experimenting with an asus ac68u with an external acces point (for wifi)... everything works well i have my 10/0.5 mb connection in lan. But with my AP im getting not more than 1.60mb and 0.30 on upload this is an old acces point with stock firmware (Zyxel WAP3205 v2) any recommendations or config settings?

Have it always been like this or have you done something and then got those speeds?

One thing you could do to isolate the problem to the router or AP is to remove the AP and connect a computer on the AP cable and run a speed test. If that is as fast as you want then the config problem is probably on the AP.

Yeah i tested it and the problem is the ap. Also the ap is openwrt compatible do you think flashing this could solve the problem

It could solve the problem if the problem is software or config.

But a simple reset and start setup from scratch should do the same.
AP are generally considered “stupid hardware”, they really doesn’t do anything else than convert copper signals to radio waves so it could be hardware fault.

Has the manufacturer any updates ready to install?

There are no new updates the last one was from 2014 :frowning: so i'll try a fresh new reset, i'll tell you what happened

So i found the solution and at the same time it makes sense… well for me. The router was on 802.11n the fastest available in 2.4ghz without mixing and it was giving me slow speeds then i tried mixed and the result was the same. So i realized b/g mixed gave me my speed. Was surprising considering that the supported wifi modes for the ac68u are only b/g so was very strange and confusing but it was entertaining. Thanks for flygarn12 and his attention and trying to solve my problem.

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