External access via Wireguard

Hi Guys,
I use several OpenWRT routers these output 2 separate networks,
Network 1 is the standard WLAN without a tunnel
Network 2 is my tunneled WLAN which runs through my VPN server.

Does that mean the router has a connection to my VPN server and of course I also have access to this VPN server on my other computers. Now I would like to get access to this router via this VPN server. The connection via this IP address is rejected but means I have to edit the firewall. Since the Wiregard connection in the firewall zone is WAN, I need a connection to the LAN. Unfortunately that doesn't work. What exactly do I have to set in the firewall so that it works? (Firewall settings are still on standard settings) I would like to access the web interface not via SSH!

Assign the VPN network to the LAN firewall zone.

Thanks for your answer. If I switch the Wireguard connection to the LAN zone in the interface settings, I can no longer get a connection to the server. https://ibb.co/2t7KXPG

Shouldn't I allow access to the LAN via the Wireguard connection in the firewall settings? https://ibb.co/W6G1mF2

Make sure to add the client router's LAN subnet to the allowed IPs on the server side.

It works, thank you

Another question is it possible to access the LAN devices via the Wireguard interface that are plugged into the router?

Edit the firewall settings on the device and allow access from outside the device subnet.