Extension to monitor network and sending emails?

I'm running OpenWrt 21.02 on my Western Digital NAS (MyBookLive). As Western Digital stopped supporting my device since years, I migrated to OpenWrt and I'm very happy with it !

I have a special need and I would like to ask the community if there is an extension which can allow me to monitor the network that the NAS is connected to, specially detecting if a new device is connected to that network (in case of WiFi piracy for example).

Wondering also if there is extensions for automatic email sending on events, for example in case of rebooting, missing internet...Native MyBookLive firmware had it and it was very useful to be aware when not at home.

Many thanks !

Given that your NAS is neither managing the network nor the wireless access point, it is not in the position to detect such an event.

Not that I am aware, but I guess writing such a script would not be too horribly hard. Which does not mean: easy, or trivial, or not a lot of effort; you would need to connect to your own mail server using a minimal mail tool, write email templates, etc.

Although I do have to wonder how it would send you an email if the internet was missing.


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The best countermeasure would be to use a good password (PSK).

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