Extending guest network to non-OpenWrt dumb AP


I'm trying to extend my networks to a guest bedroom with a dumb AP. Unfortunately, the router I have on hand for the AP is an Eir Huawei F2000, the router supplied from my ISP at signup. AFAIK there is no opensource firmware available for this model, OpenWRT or otherwise.

From looking at its admin page, it looks like I'll have to choose a single network to extend over it, and I wish to extend the guest network. Sadly I've had no luck following guides or my own initiative to do this yet.

If anyone could advise on this, I'd be grateful. Thanks!

You need to make a bridge for guest so you can have a local AP and the Ethernet VLAN (eth0.10) in the same network. Right now since it is not a bridge, only one physical device can attach which happens to be the wifi. This bridge would be structured like the default br-lan for the lan.

The name 'guestnetwork' will be right at the kernel limit of 15 characters when br- is added to it. Suggest using a shorter name that is all lowercase.


Just follow this guide: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/relay_configuration

I've just did and made many of mistakes, so remember that:

  • GUESTNETWORK - I'd recommend the static IP here

  • I have all networks within lan firewall zone

  • you have LAN with disabled DHCP and static IP (it has to be a DIFFERENT subnet than the source network

  • you have a bridge, with IP equal to IP of GUESTNETWORK

  • all Master Wi-Fi networks (extenders) have to be associated with your LAN. (make sure your LAN uses a "bridge device" - it should by default)

  • I recommend using the same SSID and password, so clients nicely switch to other AP

You can consider using one port (like WAN) as an easy service access (separate interface, not bridged, with dhcp enabled)