Extend VLANs wirelessly / Wireless managed switch

The best AP spot in my house has no ethernet port close by, so I'm considering about wireless solutions.

Currently I have three VLANs, 100 for management(e.g. router ssh), 101 for regular devices and 102 for IoT devices. All devices connects to the main router directly, and 100 and 101 each has their own Wi-Fi SSID.

My goal is to make a wireless VLAN trunk and have the new ap extend both SSIDs on a single device, while the AP itself remains accessible on the management VLAN.

Will 802.11s work? Or should I use something else?

Since you just need a wireless point-to-point link, I would try deploying WDS first before trying 802.11s. Connecting a WDS client to a WDS access point is, for all intents and purposes, equivalent to connecting an Ethernet cable between them. In other words, it's a layer 2 link and should carry tagged frames as usual.

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After some searching I decided to use batman mesh for future-proof. And I'm in trouble with MTU.

Currently I have the bat device under br-lan with VLAN filtering, the bat device itself and the interface has MTU set to 1532, while br-lan has MTU 1500.

Kernel reports Thu Mar 14 12:55:44 2024 kern.err kernel: [ 18.709341] bat_mule: mtu greater than device maximum in the log, and just increase the MTU of br-lan itself screws things up since my PC doesn't support jumbo frames.
Or maybe it's the router itself that doesn't support jumbo frames?

iperf3 capped at 100mbps average.

Direct connection to the main router hits 500mbps with AX 80mhz(which is still half speed compared to ethernet, no idea whether it's mt76 performance issue or something else) on an internet speedtest site.