Expressvpn works with OpenWrt 21.02.1

Spent some time reading old post without much luck. It actually works from the openvpn gui. The save seems a little buggy but works. Just upload the *.ovpn and edit the *.ovpn and add the path to the .auth file listed below. (/etc/openvpn/.auth) Put your username and password in that file and save. You have to go back to the vpn tab > openvpn and save again. Should come up as started.


hi Bro.
I dont have a reply but a little request . I have open wrt 21.02 installed on my linksys wrt3200acm i have been reading and trying stuff for the past month to configure my expressvpn on it. i have not been successful, can you provide some help please?

Sorry I don't check this very often. What part did you not understand? The main thing was adding the path to the auth file to the imported *.ovpn file.

dev tun
remote 1195

auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn/expressvpn.auth
I put
in that file instead of the default so I don't have to make another if I change to a different server.
Just the username and password. Nothing else. No label or anything.
Good luck

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