Experiencing intermittent "hanging" on WRT3200ACM

Replaced a Linksys E3200 running Tomato with a WRT3200ACM running OpenWRT 19.07. radio0 (5Ghz) and radio1 (2.4Ghz) are configured as access points; radio2 is disabled/not active.

What I am experiencing is on long-running Citrix Workspace connections to work (if you're not familiar, it is remote desktop) I am consistently seeing the entire connection "hang". Sometimes the connection will recover (on the order of minutes), and sometimes I get impatient and just reconnect. This only appears to happen when I connect to the 5Ghz radio0 AP. I have not seen it happen at all if I connect to radio1 2.4Ghz AP.

I am sitting 10 feet from the device, so range isn't an issue. I've read about "issues" with wifi on this device but I don't know if they symptoms I am experiencing are consistent with those issues.

I don't believe the issue has anything to do with the remote Citrix, as I didn't see this behavior when I connected through the E3200 running Tomato and I don't see the issue when connecting via 2.4Ghz.

My client is a laptop with Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260. I've read through the "WiFi Stability Issues" section of https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/wrt_ac_series#marvell_wifi and and seems that the only one that is relevant to this problem is "Slow Throughput w/ Intel WiFi", even though Slow throughput is not really what I am experiencing. At any rate, I've checked my adapter in Windows 10 and it doesn't appear to have Receive Side Coalescing (RSC) enabled.

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? Anything else I can try to determine what is going on/fix?

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Thanks for linking to that recent post.

Do you know what that poster means by ARP and NDP failures?

I will add that I am not experiencing disconnects from the AP. My client remains connected. In fact, I have persistent X Windows sessions over SSH to hosts on my local network that are fine and seem to be unaffected, even during the exact times time that I see the issues with Citrix.

one symptom I had was that a SIP call would come in from the internet, the router would realize it should send packets to my wifi connected smartphone, it would either send ARP packets or Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) packets to try to find out which MAC address corresponds to the given IP address. The smartphone which was in sleep mode would not receive these packets, and hence the router could never make the inbound connection to the smartphone. This was especially the case when the ARP cache or NDP cache expired on the router, which was typical of after a certain amount of inactive time.

There were lots of other similar issues though. I have two of these devices in a closet not being used, and switched to Omada APs running factory firmware for my wifi.

the drivers for this hardware are essentially abandoned if I understand correctly. so there's no real hope of it getting significantly better through time.

I have wrt32x which should have the same antenna design as wrt3200acm, the weird thing about it is the router response feels very slow when router is located on same floor as PC (~600mbps 2x2 adapter link speed)

But it is not a problem for me as i always place the router at middle of staircase covering two floors, the resultant ~300mbps adapter link speed actually feels much faster than 600mbps in this case and even does gaming well

I believe one should not consider this router if one is not able to place it in the said location (not suitable for apartments and one-floor-one-router setups)

Using 3x3 client adapter should be able to increase the link speed to around 400-500mbps, or can try running AP mode RTL8814AU off the usb3 port which can use it to cover the upper floor and which the antenna should work normal on same floor (my own planned project for later even though i do not need it)

routerfix, I suspect that you are suffering from low transmit power due to a config issue, which is a specific problem of 32x and 3200.

Its an abandoned full mac solution. Setting wifi quirks and issues with 21.02rc and issues with some client chips aside, the 32x and the 3200 have as least quite decent throughput. As far as I remember it has even slightly more tx power than most routers and will always run with max power…as long as you are careful with country code settings on the device.
If you are not careful with country code settings, it may enable a reduced world mode with considerably lower wifi transmit power.
And when you then try to cover a larger appartment, the overall throughput might suck a lot or you might need additional repeaters and still have a disappointing result.

Your post seems to point into that direction.

Fix in short is: never modify default country code on radio 0 and 1 and uninstall third wifi. There are several threads covering more details. A good search keyword is third radio.

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I don't think so as its says i'm getting 30dbm power, I have also removed the mwifiex sdio packages
But as i've said it is not problem for me as i have two spots at home to place the router (middle staircase and top floor) which i always test first with every new router, if the 2.4g radio is able to completely cover the lower floor from top floor i would have place it there (newer wifi 6 chipsets are good at that but not for wifi 5 in my experience)

make sure to check the signal strength on a client device, not on the router.