Experiences with a PUMA 6 modem?


Recently installed LEDE on the router. It's working great. SQM has does really well at fixing latency and also QoS to distribute bandwidth to all the clients. Also uptime is quite good currently. I have been thinking about upgrading the cable internet but we'd need to get a PUMA 6 modem.

What are people experiences with a PUMA 6 modem? People have been reporting latency issues with it. I'd think the sqm and traffic shaping on the router might help a bit from overloading it? Anything else you can do with a LEDE router?

I might just upgrade to 30/5 instead and wait for DOCSIS 3.1 modems to get approved though that may take awhile.

google search "Puma 6 scandal" says all avoid it :slight_smile:
no sqm qos dont help is a hardware bug.

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On the cox forum in DSLreports.com, there's a bigass thread about this chipset. They hate it.

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The problem seems to be a process running on the Atom CPU that makes up part of the PUMA chipset which causes delays processing packets ... there's "meant" to be a firmware fix, but it's anyone's guess as to whether it's papering over the cracks, or actually fixing the issue. And it's anyone's guess as to when (or if) manufacturers or ISP's will push it out.