Experience with openWrt and WZR-600DHP (Japanese version)

I want to share my experience with openWrt.
I have a buffalo WZR-600DHP Version / Model C0A2
I installed.

  1. I could not change the ip (
    but entering by ssh
    vi / etc / config / network
    I have changed the ip
  2. blocked, with that ip it is blocked
    enter by secure mode and telnet to return to
  3. same as 2 but now after changing the ip
    / etc / config / network restart
    permission denied
  4. change permissions
  5. go back to step 3
  6. perfect !!

For those who wish to migrate to openWrt, I advise:

  • Look for information before installing.
  • Install the exact software
  • Install a squashfs
  • After "everything" goes well, make a backup
    It will help you a lot.
  • Do not cut the electric current.
    If you are wrong when installing, do not give up too quickly, do the tests necessary to bring your router back to life, and learn from mistakes

Load the hidden maintenance page is not necessary
(in the case of model C0A2)

I have now added pi hole in lan -> advanced settings ->
DHCP-Options 6,192,168.11.1 :blush:

Many thanks to everyone who makes openWrt possible

Quiero compartir mi experiencia con openWrt.
Tengo un buffalo WZR-600DHP Version/Model C0A2
He instalado.

  1. No podia cambiar la ip (
    pero entrando pors ssh
    vi /etc/config/network
    he cambiado la ip
    2)bloqueado, con esa ip se bloquea
    entrar por modo seguro y telnet para volver a
  2. igual que 2 pero ahora despues de cambiar la ip
    /etc/config/network restart
    permission denied
  3. cambiar permisos
  4. volver a paso 3
    6)perfecto !!

Para los que desean migrar a openWrt, les aconsejo:

  • buscar informacion antes de instalar.
  • Instalar el software exacto
  • Instale un squashfs
  • Despues que "todo " le vaya bien, haga un backup
    le va a servir de mucho.
  • No corte la corriente electrica.
    Si se equivoca al instalar, no se de por vencido muy rapido, haga las pruebas necesarias para volver su router a la vida, y aprenda de los errores

la pagina de mantenimiento no es necesaria.
(en el caso del modelo C0A2)

he agregado pi hole en lan -> advanced settings ->
DHCP-Options 6,192,168.11.1 :blush:

Muchas gracias a todos los que hacen posible openWrt