Experience using Openwrt

Hi to developers & friends.
I used this operating system for a week. Well, this operating system is good, but unfortunately it is still not very stable. And not as well as the default operating system router itself.
I am satisfied with working with this operating system, but I am dissatisfied with the fact that the WPS button does not work. And after setting this operating system every time, you have to reinstall all the prerequisites. And stored others in the router for a short time (until the router resets).
But I reset the device every time. I have to reinstall the plugins and do everything again. If I wanted these settings to be saved forever and only the settings related to the internet connection would need to be reset.
It is clear that a lot of effort has been put into building this operating system, but I want someone to be kind and personalize this operating system for me so that I do not have to reinstall plugins like (WPS Button , edit username from root to admin , edit ssid from openwrt to TP-LINK & ...) every time I have to reset it To.
But it is a pity that no one can make these changes for me in this firmware.
I tried to customize this operating system for myself but unfortunately this is not possible because I am not familiar with Linux and their commands and prerequisites.

Don't expect from others to spend time helping you when you don't respond to the (multiple) topics which you have opened on a device that is not recommended for future use with OpenWrt due to low flash/ram. which is possibly why the router keeps losing its settings.


Rotterman does not lose its settings and has enough space ( 8MB CHIP FLASH & 64 MB RAM ), but I have a problem with the lack of operating system information with the back label of my router.
Because the network name and its default password:TP-LINK_3B9E / 10343821
And Default WPS Pin : 10343821
And its settings username and password: admin / admin
And Hostname : TP-LINK
I would like it to match the back label of my router by default and only have WPS capability and not add other heavy packages.
My only request is that the label on the back of my router is compatible with this operating system by default and not any other request....

sticker and texta... = solved

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No :frowning:
Not Solved Because it does not match my router label information by default.

Not Solved Because it does not match my router label information by default.
Please provide a solution other than building a custom firmware.

So, do you expect OpenWrt to magically be able to see the label on the router? It takes oneinute to change IP address and password, what is the deal?

Why do you reinstall everything each time?

Have you tried with the "image builder"?

The router have these info saved in the BL env or can be derived. Fact is that who is the owner of the router? That kind of info are needed only when you buy the router for the first time and you need to access it. If you flash openwrt that info became useless UNLESS you are selling the router with openwrt on it to someone else. (Also it's madness to keep the settings written on the label. It's a big security risk have the default WiFi password and access password)

Because of this, I reset my router every time because my router does not connect to my modem through mode Client and this operating system does not work well with my modem.
No, I have not worked with image builder because it requires the installation of Linux, and in addition, Linux commands are very difficult for me.

It is disabled on OpenWrt and many other business class routers as well, since WPS is a well known security issue for years.
e.g. ComputerWorld

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