"Executing package manager" Please consider automatic dismissal


Some actions create log windows, such as updating the package manager

These are command runs and I assume they each return pass/fail return codes.

Please consider adding an automatic dismissal to these window when the message is successful and presumably can be ignored by the user.

Sometime like a 10 second time with a "stop dismiss" if a user really wants to read it.

Those messages should themselves be visible in logs or notification section of the router if the user needs to review the changes.

What you're complaining about is the log, the only one - inspect it or don't, but it is importabt and shouldn't be waved away.

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I mean, when this type of action is performed and there is no issue and no reported error.

Why should the user be required to take action every time ?

It can tell when there is a failure.

When there is no failure, show it on screen sure, but put it on an auto-dismiss 10 second timer.

It telegraph to the user that it is likely unimportant verbosity that can be ignored.

By logging it, I don't really mean save it to file.

But it can be hidden away in the interface.

So that it can be consulted if needed, but stays out of the user's way otherwise.

An example of that would be the "list of unsaved changes"

which doesn't have to be consulted before applying

But is there for you if you need it.

Moved to Feature Requests.

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