Excluding an AP from interface

Hey all, I have a network of OpenWRT router and APs.

I have a main router at

and then AP at

on the main router I have a wireguard interface setup, connected to Surfshark UK servers (working great with 700mbps speeds)

I recently purchased a VPN router from a company for unblocking a specific streaming TV. I have plugged this router into port 1 of the AP.

The new vpn router is working very slowly/not at all, and the company are trying to help me set it up, but they say it needs to connect to normal internet not a vpn connection, Is there is a way to keep all traffic going through the wireguard interface across my network, apart from just port 1 of the AP?

You need to do Policy Based Routing and you have 3 options:

  1. mwan3 package
  2. pbr package
  3. a set of rules/routes for each internet connection.