Exclude a host from local network

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i would like exclude certain hosts from accessing LAN resources. I would like those host to have only Internet access. Hosts are connected via cable to the switch and switch is connected to the router but occasionally those host will be working on Wi-Fi. What would be the possible approaches here?

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Generally, the way to do this is by using a different network/vlan.

Look at the guest wifi guide - this can be extended to wired networks, too.


Is there any way that i could block access to local resources based on MAC address?

Local (LAN) traffic would never traverse the router (except for Input to the device itself) - and hence what you desire isn't possible.

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Will the client you want to block always be on the same network port? You could put that network port on a guest vlan? Have a separate SSID for the blocked clients too which is on the same vlan.

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