Every client have the same mac address of the device

I configured my router as a bridge between two wireless networks so I could use it as a repeater using the site guide. Strangely every device connected to the "wireless 2" network is seen by the other devices of the "wireless 1" network as having the same mac address as the "wireless 2" card. The ip addresses are different but all are part of the same subnet. I search over the internet and in this forum for a solution, but I couldn't find a solution. Has anyone experienced this inconvenience?
Thank you in advance

Are you looking at wireless packets, the ARP table, ARP, or something else?

Are you running relayd?


And which guide did you use?

Then it doesn't look like a real bridge but a relay/router. You need WDS or similar to do wireless bridging.

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The guide of this site! :confused:

@mikma above explained that this solution is not bridging.

Thank you. Reading "bridge configuration" on the title i was thinking it was a bridge.
The title is misleading. Witch guide i can use for setting a openwrt as a WDS? On the site there aren't. I try to set "Wirless 1" to client WDS and "Wirless 2" to "AP WDS" but the router don't have no more connection...

Did you check this one?

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