Even now, is the development status and availability of mt76 still not optimistic?

The last time I used mt76 I was helping to drive the developer test driver, and frequent connection outages made mt76 almost unusable.
Even now is the development schedule still bad?

Not sure what you mean. Development's going well: https://github.com/openwrt/mt76

The mt7612u development also uncovered bugs with AMD'S IOMMU driver which have been fixed.

I think mt7612 is mostly stable. mt7615 is still under heavy development.

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I heard in another thread that the development of mt76 has stalled. Has development resumed now? That is a good thing.

It never stalled.

mwlwifi has stalled.
ath9k is bugfixes only.
ath10k is w/e Qualcomm wants.
ath11k is under development.
mt76 is under development.


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