Etherwake not work on wr840 v4

I have a TP-Link WR840N V4 with Openwrt 18.06.2. I installing a etherwake package on it, but not works.
When I try send magic packet for any host, the router do not send any packet.
I tested with outher routers, WDR3600 V1, WR741N V3, and works fine, only WR840N do not works.
I wonder if this is a bug, and if other people are going through it?

Try to install tcpdump and see if it captures the magic packet when you execute the wake command.

Might be different interface name. Share the command you are using and output of "ifconfig". (Mask sensitive data)
Another question: did you try web ui and cl to wake your device?

Thanks for help. It's solved when I specify the vlan interface (eth0.1).

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