Ethernet port of Xiaomi R3P Pro is unstable

Recently I upgrade my router from Netgear WNDR3700V4 to Xiaomi R3P Pro and running 19.07.3 on Xiaomi R3P Pro, and I connect my NAS device which has 1000Mbps ethernet port to one port of R3P with a cable,after a while for no network activity, my NAS can not be accessed from network, and neither can not ping my NAS device from OpenWRT shell, but the ethernet link is still up, un-plug and plug the cable can not recovery. only restart the Router or my NAS device can fixed the issue.
I suspect this issue is caused by a incompatible EEE. but I can not find a valid cmd to disable EEE in swconfig or ethtool in OpenWRT.
Does someone has experience on EEE?
PS, the NAS device works well when connect to WNDR3700V4(also running OpenWRT).

facing same problems 19.07.4 but only with middle LAN port, port 1 and 3 working fine

Did you guys ever found the solution for this?

i'm using , so far it's not have issue except port no4 led keep on.

How is that code? Any issues with wirelress? Does it come with luci installed?

Wireless better then office snapshot / 19.7.4 ,

you have links to the bin files?

Did you find a solution for this? I think this might be related to this issue

would recommend trying the snapshots, I had same issue with 19.07 but it doesn't occur in the new builds, presumably due to updated kernel or w/e.

Several months after, this problem has been solved?

are you having the same issue? have you resolved it with 21.02?

last snapshot working rock solid so far.

root@XiaomiR3P:~# cat /etc/openwrt_version 
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