Ethernet Plus Hardware Support for GNUBee v1

I installed OpenWRT 18.06.4 on a GNUBee 1. I'm looking to see what hardware of the platform is supported, or more importantly, what isn't supported. Most importantly, I am seeing just one ethernet port, the black LAN port. Is the blue port available? My intention was to use the GNUBee as a two-port router so having two independent ports would be best.

Are both ports operating? If so, how do enable the second one?

Are there noteworthy peripherals not implemented? The SD card?

I think I figured out the reason I didn't see the second ethernet port.

By configuring the switch s.t. there are two VLANs, each tagged on the eth0 side and untagged on the port side, and by connecting each port to only one of the vlans, I can separate the ports. I also set a custom MAC address for the second interface so that it would DHCP a different IP address when connected to the same network. I believe this won't be necessary in the router configuration where each port is connected to a different network.