Ethernet performance WRT32x

I seem to be having some kind of issue with my bandwidth at the moment. I'm in the UK, on Virgin Media fibre. If I switch the supplied router to router mode and test directly out, I get 650Mbps. If i switch it to modem mode and connect the WRT32X then I get around 180Mbps. I can't test speed (that I know of) directly from the router outbound, but I get this same speed result from wireless devices and a raspberry running pihole (using the speedtest download). All devices seem to show the same results. Eth0 on the router shows gigabit.
I don't use wifi on the router and its settings are turned off (as is odhcpd and dnsmasq). Wifi is from a couple of devolo devices which seem to be working well in excess of the reported internet speed.
I am trying to find out a test I can run over wifi to see if there are restrictions (although the directly cabled pihole may negate that I think).
I'm also getting a new cable to try one of the wireless devices straight into the router.
I've just moved onto "OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc1" but may try going back to 22.02. I believe I had the same issue with both though.
Does anyone have any thoughts, even if it is things I can use to test the bandwidth please?

Try enabling packet steering:


Thank you. It was on, but I tried it off. There wasn't much if any change in the numbers from what I could see unfortunately. Appreciate the idea though. cheers

maybe something has changed in the way you connect to your ISP.
Do you know if your ISP is using vlan with a priority ? pppoe ? DHCP ?

in France with Orange ISP, for example, DHCP request have to be done with priority 6, but if you set all the the traffic with this priority then you're caped at 10Mps. so it's COS6 for DHCP requests, and 0 for the rest.

That's a good question.
I can't find anywhere they state the do that, but maybe they wouldn't publicise it anyway?
In modem mode, the openwrt router gets IP via DHCP. I will try and switch it back to router mode and see what that works on.
Thank you.

your fibre is connected straight into the router or you have an external ONT ?

Straight into the modem/router. thanks

Not sure what is going on but... I plugged my desktop into the router directly. This seems to have kicked the other directly connected device into play as it now gets 650Mbps. The desktop also the same.
Wifi is still 200 but maybe that is something to do with the devolo boxes "mesh logic" stuff.
Thank you both for your thoughts.