ETH1 gone in 22.0x

ETH1 gone and that is an issue when using vlan / wan.

In the previous Openwrt version my linksys wrt1200 showed both eth0 and eth1. And as a matter of fact in this device the eth1 is the cpu port that takes care of the traffic, not eth0. So internet would come in tagged (vlan6) on both wan and eth1. Now in the 22.0x version of openwrt the eth1 does not show anymore. Which leads to the situation that the wan port does connect to the Gateway of the isp (PPPoE and vlan6) but the traffic does not reach my LAN. I cannot tag eth1 with vlan6 as explained above. I think it is a bug as it does work fine with internet access from LAN when the vlan6 is not applied (i tested this with a setup behind another router).

Any thoughts

That should have already been the case for 21.02.x, which was the release first using DSA for the switch configuration. Right now, DSA only supports a single CPU port to the switch. After several rejected approaches to rectify this, netdev upstream seems to have a plan to finally sort this out - but that's too late for 21.02.x and 22.03.x and isn't even finalized in mainline linux right now.

The forum search should take you to more detailed prior discussions about this.




Quite unfortunate though.

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